• // Death of a bachelor // Letting the water fall // The death of a bachelor // Seems so fitting for happily ever after // Top Ten P!ATD Songs
  • //"But big scary men forget about terrifying little girls with poison in their blood"// Private Gotham RP OC Visual
  • // She paints her fingers with a close precision // He starts to notice empty bottles of gin // And takes a moment to assess the sin // She's paid for // BotEF Round 7
  • // if you love me let me go // cause these words are nice enough to leave scars // the fear of falling apart // truth be told I never was yours // the fear the fear of falling apart// BotR Season 2 Round 1

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  • "The timer just said ‘11:11.’ Let’s make a wish! I wish I was dead." || Smosh Games/Game Grumps AU
  • "Before we start, I'd like to assassinate Wes," "Uh, y'know, there's no assassinations in this game," || Smosh Games AU
  • "Oh, I'm well aware it's not a picnic, Mr. Save the Day." "What's that supposed to mean?" "Oh, come on. You obviously get off on it; being the guy who gets to throw the last punch...and now you've destoryed the world's most dangerous sandwich,"
  • "Do I look like a monster to you?" "We all do," || Set based on Lee Everett, Clementine, and Kenny from TWDG

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  • I want to give you the world //
  • are you happy?
  • That night, I shouldn’t have looked at those eyes

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